OSnap! Tutorials

OSnap!™ is designed to be simple and intuitive so that you can quickly and easily create awesome time-lapse and stop motion projects. The best way to discover the potential behind OSnap! is to play around with the application, snap photos, adjust the settings, and most importantly have fun! You can't break anything, so feel free to experiment away! Having said that, you may want a little extra help...in which case, read on.


OSnap! is packed full of features and gives you the potential to create many, many different types of time-lapse projects. In order to illustrate the potential of OSnap!, we are providing four separate tutorials below. We hope these tutorials will help get you started with OSnap!. If you have ideas for future tutorials please get in touch with us; we would love to hear your ideas!

3rd Party Tutorials

The following OSnap! tutorials were put together by some very talented iOS photography aficionados. Although not affiliated with OSnap!, these tutorials are very well done and we thought we would re-post them here for the benefit of OSnap! users. Enjoy!

Tutorial: iPhone Photography School

Tutorial: Mobiography

Scroll down to the section titled 'OSnap! (for iPhone)'

Tutorial: Epic Tutorials

Tutorial: iPadagogy

Tutorial: Carin Lilly